Hosta  [species] pycnophylla

Hosta Size: Unknown

Leaf Dimension LENGTH x WIDTH10X7 inches
Mature Plant Vein Pair Count8, 9
Leaf ColorTop:Green
Leaf Margin ColorNoMargin
Leaf Margin FormPiecrust
Bloom ColorPurple
Bloom ShapeTrumpet
Bloom TimeAug
Sets Seed?Hosta  <i>[species]</i> <i>pycnophylla</i> SETS SEED
Registered or Discovered ByMaekawa
PatentNOT Patented

Pod Parent For: Aliyah's Grace, Gilt By Association, High Kicker, James A. Garfield, Lake Huron, Chief White Cloud, Pewter Frost, Unnamed 18
Pollen Parent For: Amethyst Joy, Belle of the Ball, Chado, Chariots of Fire, Condor, Cutting Edge, Doctor Fu Manchu, Dragon's Blood, Gilt By Association, James Madison, Kyoto, Lavender Doll, Lavender Stocking, Martin Van Buren, Quaker Lady, Qualifying Queen, Raspberry Parfait, Strawberry Delight, Swan Lake, Tequila Sunrise, White Heron, Bloody Mary, Heart of Gold, Inland Sea, Unnamed 32, Unnamed 34, Unnamed 41

Other Information: Maekawa-1976, AHS-1993, Native habitat: Mount Genmei, Yashiro-jima, Yamaguchi province, Japan
Notes: Setouchi Giboshi. Grey green leaves with white undersides. Piecrust margins. Dark purple flowers. Gray-green, white underside. Gray-green leaf with white underside. A good breeder.

If you find that this information is incorrect, please take a moment to let us know! When it comes to hostas the available information is not only confusing, but sometimes totally bogus. Where possible, we've tried to correct our data and when discrepencies arise we make note of the conflicting data.

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