Hosta  [species] sieboldiana

Hosta Size: Large <strong>18 inches to 28 inches tall</strong><br />Leaf 81 to 144 sq inches

18 inches to 28 inches tall
Leaf 81 to 144 sq inches
Growth Habit: Upright
Upright Habit
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf SubstanceThick-Very
Mature Plant Vein Pair Count16, 17, 18
Hosta Width48 inches
Growth RateMedium
Leaf AppearanceSlightly Wavy and Corrugated
Leaf ColorGreen-Medium
Leaf Margin ColorNoMargin
Leaf Margin FormRippled-Slight
Leaf Texture TOPDull
Leaf Texture BOTTOMGlaucous
The amount of sun that Hosta  [species] sieboldiana tolerates is 20%
Sun Tolerance: 20%
Bloom ColorNear White
Bloom ShapeFunnel
Sets Seed?Hosta  <i>[species]</i> <i>sieboldiana</i> SETS SEED
 Remove seeds from dry pods. Best if pods dry on plant.

Sported Into: Chippewa, Doctor Reath, Fisher's Green Magic, Gilt Edge, Gray Cole, Kiwi Blue Sunrise, Monument Circle, Olive Bailey Langdon, Queen of Hearts, Reversed, Elegans
Pod Parent For: Abiqua Blue Shield, Abiqua Elephant Ears, Abiqua Pagoda, Ahamo Gold, August Moon, Big Daddy, Big Old Bob, Birchwood Blue, Birchwood Elegance, Birchwood Green, Blauglut, Blaugold, Blue Beauty, Blue Dragon Wings, Blue Frost, Blue Ox, Blue Plisse, Bressingham Blue, Brookwood Blue, Buckanon, Buckeye Blue, Buckshaw Blue, Century One, Champion, Clarence, Cool Change, Crinoline Petticoats, Dauntless, Edina Heritage, Fantastic, Flagship, Goldbrook Gold, Grey Beauty, Hadspen White, Herbert, Herkules, Jack of Diamonds, Jay Jay, Jim Matthews, Kiwi Black Magic, Kiwi Pacific Blue, Kiwi Sunshine, Kong, Lakeport Blue, Marge, Maui Hana, Misty Waters, Nesmith's Giant, Peter the Rock, Pineapple Poll, Placemat, Quilted Hearts, Quilted Skies, Razzle Dazzle, Silvery Slugproof, Spring Shower, Summer Snow, Sun Shower, Thunder Boomer, Wolcott, Woodland Blue, Zager Giant Puckered, Bodacious Blue, Indian Princess, Kiwi Minnie Blue, Moonlight Madness, President's Choice, Summer Squall, Zager Green
Pollen Parent For: Abiqua Drinking Gourd, Aksarben, Big Sam, Blackjack, Blue Boy, Fall Emerald, Flagship, Fountain, Lake Louise, Loving Cup, Rippling Waves, Rocky Mountain High, Royal Standard, Snowden, Kiwi Minnie Blue



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