Hosta  [species] plantaginea

Hosta Size: Large <strong>18 inches to 28 inches tall</strong><br />Leaf 81 to 144 sq inches

18 inches to 28 inches tall
Leaf 81 to 144 sq inches
Growth Habit: Mounded
Mounded Habit
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf SubstanceAverage
Mature Plant Vein Pair Count9, 10, 11
Hosta Width36 inches
Growth RateMedium
Leaf AppearanceSlightly Wavy
Leaf ColorGreen-Light
Leaf Margin ColorNoMargin
Leaf Margin FormRippled-Slight
Leaf Margin Width3.0 - 3.5 inches
Leaf Texture TOPShiny-Slight
Leaf Texture BOTTOMShiny-Slight
The amount of sun that Hosta  [species] plantaginea tolerates is 20%
Sun Tolerance: 20%
Bloom ColorWhite
Bloom ShapeTrumpet
Bloom FragrantVery Fragrant
Sets Seed?Hosta  <i>[species]</i> <i>plantaginea</i> SETS SEED
 Bag seedheads to capture ripening seed
Remove seeds from dry pods. Best if pods dry on plant.
Seed can be stored, if dry.
Seed can be stored, if dry.

Sported Into: Fragrant Flame, Heaven Scent, Julia Gaede, Marbled Bouquet, Ming Treasure, White Shoulders
Pod Parent For: Bennie McRae, Honeybells, Iron Gate Bouquet, Iron Gate Delight, Iron Gate Glamour, Iron Gate Supreme, Old Faithful, Royal Standard, Spit Shine, Sweet Winifred, Willamette
Pollen Parent For: Austin Dickinson, Buckwheat Honey, Calamity Jane, Emily Dickinson, Flower Child, Flower Power, Forever Green, Green Marmalade, Mistress Mabel, Raleigh Remembrance, Rippled Honey, Seventh Heaven, Slim Polly, Snow Flakes, Sombrero, Statue of Liberty, Summer Fragrance, Surfer Dude, Sweet Marjorie, Sweet Susan, Warwick Essence, Curly Top

Other Information: This plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and/or birds|Flowers are fragrant|


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