Hosta  [species] longipes f. hypoleuca

Hosta Size: Medium <strong>10 inches to 18 inches tall</strong><br />Leaf 25 to 81 sq inches

10 inches to 18 inches tall
Leaf 25 to 81 sq inches
Growth Habit: Mounded
Mounded Habit
Leaf Shape: ovate
Leaf Shape: ovate
Leaf SubstanceThick-Very
Mature Plant Vein Pair Count9 or Less
Hosta Width36 inches
Growth RateSlow
Leaf AppearanceSlightly Wavy
Leaf ColorGreen-Medium
Leaf Margin ColorNoMargin
Leaf Margin FormRippled-Slight
Leaf Texture TOPShiny-Slight
Leaf Texture BOTTOMGlaucous
The amount of sun that Hosta  [species] longipes f. hypoleuca tolerates is 50%
Sun Tolerance: 50%
Bloom ColorNear White
Bloom ShapeBell
Sets Seed?Hosta  <i>[species]</i> <i>longipes f. hypoleuca</i> SETS SEED
 Remove seeds from dry pods. Best if pods dry on plant.
Seed can be stored, if dry.

Pod Parent For: Arch Duke, Azure Snow, Butternut Hill, Clambake, King David, Kiwi Hippo, Lakeside Lagoon, Lemon Meringue, Limestone Lover, Maggie May, Thor
Pollen Parent For: A Blue Streak, A Lady in Blue, Arc de Triomphe, Band of Gold, Big Top, Blue Ridge Mountains, Blueberry Pancakes, Bluegrass Country, Butternut Hill, Cascading Waters, Celestial, Color a la Mode, Doublemint, Fickle Blue Genes, Final Answer, Floppy Disk, Ganny Sandy, Gazpacho, Glacier Cascade, High-rise, Honey Hill Wrinkled Rainslicker, Hottie, Lakeside Breaking News, Lasting Impressions, Lighthouse, Merry Sunshine, Olive Oil, Ooh La La, Roller Coaster, Sails at Sunset, Skyward, Splendor, Stellar By Starlight, Sun Chaser, Wild Blue Yonder, Zydeco, A Many-splendored Thing, H. D. Thoreau, Magnificent Obsession, Old Black Magic, Topsy-turvy



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