Hosta Abiqua Aries

HYBRID: Aspen Gold X Golden Chimes
Hosta Size: Medium <strong>10 inches to 18 inches tall</strong><br />Leaf 25 to 81 sq inches

10 inches to 18 inches tall
Leaf 25 to 81 sq inches
Growth Habit: Upright
Upright Habit
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Leaf Shape: broadlyovate
Mature Plant Vein Pair Count9, 10, 11
Hosta Width18 inches
Growth RateSlow
Leaf AppearanceModerately Cupped
Leaf ColorChartreuse
Leaf Margin ColorChartreuse
Leaf Margin FormRippled-Slight
Leaf Texture TOPGlaucous
Leaf Texture BOTTOMGlaucous
The amount of sun that Hosta Abiqua Aries tolerates is 20%
Sun Tolerance: 20%
Bloom ColorNear White
Bloom ShapeBell
Sets Seed?Hosta Abiqua Aries SETS SEED
 Remove seeds from dry pods. Best if pods dry on plant.
Seed can be stored, if dry.
Registered or Discovered ByWalden West
J. Hyslop
PatentNOT Patented

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Notes: Aspen Gold ^ Golden Chimes greenyellow>yellow HYBRIDIZER-NEEDS-VERIFY [Walden-West] or [Walden West | J. Hyslop] Aspen Gold ^ Golden Chimes greenyellow>yellow Aspen Gold ^ Golden Chimes greenyellow>yellow Aspen Gold ^ Golden Chimes greenyellow>yellow


AHS Registration Info

Registrant: Walden West Introducer: Walden West
Originator: Walden West Nominant: J. Hyslop



Plant Width (in) Plant Width (cm) Plant Height (in) Plant Height (cm)
24 61 12 31
Plant Habit Growth Rate Plant Size
upright slow Small/Medium


Leaf Length (in) Leaf Length (cm) Leaf Width (in) Leaf Width (cm)
7 18 7 18
Vein Pairs Leaf Color Center Margin Appearance
11 to 12 greenish yellow slightly rippled
Leaf Color Margin Margin Varigation Width (in) Margin Varigation Width (cm)
Petiole Characteristics Leaf Texture Top Leaf Texture Bottom
light green glaucous bloom glaucous bloom
Leaf Appearance Leaf Shape Leaf Base cordate


Scape Height (in) Scape Height (cm) Scape Color Scape, Leaves, Bract at Maturity
16 to 18 light yellowish green


Flower Length (in) Flower Length (cm) Flower Color Flower Shape
1.25 3 pinkish white bell
Growing Location Bloom Start Bloom Peak Bloom Finish
Scotts Mills, OR
Flower Time Flower Color Patterns Fragrance
July 20 - August 20 green striped False


Bloom Period Code:
Ties the flower to the a "species scale". The registrant has provided the number code form the scale above for the start -- peak -- finish of the flowering period


Sets Pods Seed Viability Seed Pod Color
True True greenish yellow


Clump's Origin Clump Source Age of Clump Clump Location 3 Scotts Mills, OR
Clump Description
leaves distinctly round, broadly ovate, moderately cupped, moderately corrugated and change to yellow


Pod Parent Pollen Parent Sport's Hybrid Parent
H. 'Aspen Gold' H. 'Golden Chimes'


Notable Characteristics
Season Color Change
Registration Corrections
Additional Description
Family/Group AHS Show Class Old Name III - 3
Picture Location General Color Patented False

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