Hosta  [species] yingeri

Hosta Size: Unknown

The amount of sun that Hosta  [species] yingeri tolerates is 50%
Sun Tolerance: 50%

Pod Parent For: Blue Haired Lady, Crystal Chimes, Korean Snow, Lakeside Looking Glass, Lily Pad, Mystic Star
Pollen Parent For: Celtic Uplands, City Slicker, Green Jeans, Harpoon, Jaz, Old Coot, Sun Catcher, Sunny Side Up, Swamp Thing, Sweet Tater Pie, Whiskey Sour, Unnamed 26



If you find that this information is incorrect, please take a moment to let us know! When it comes to hostas the available information is not only confusing, but sometimes totally bogus. Where possible, we've tried to correct our data and when discrepencies arise we make note of the conflicting data.

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