Some Hosta Links We Think You Might Find Useful

The HOSTA LISTS of Don Rawson represent a compilation of 70 individual lists which group hosta cultivars and species according to various facts and characteristics. These lists have been compiled over a twelve year period, and are revised and updated annually. The lists are part of the notebook of the West Michigan Hosta Society.

American Hosta Society - The American Hosta Society is a society dedicated to the study and improvement of the genus Hosta and the dissemination of general and scientific knowledge about them. There are many benefits for the members that result from these efforts, both social and in nursery trade.

The Hosta Library - The Hosta Library is primarily a database for images of mature hostas. It is the policy of the Hosta Library NOT to add pictures for immature plants until they are mature and have been fully evaluated and/or registered with the Cultivar Registration Authority for Hosta. Therefore, named seedlings and immature hosta cultivars cannot be illustrated in the Hosta Library until images of fully mature plants can be obtained.

Daves Garden - Very large community of garden enthusiasts. The information on Dave's Garden should be considered UNVERIFIED and used at your own risk. It's a great place to find images of plants and some general information, however, I've found that because it's mostly 'member generated' terms used to describe plant attributes are often inconsistant and the information even wrong. Database - Very nice searchable databse with lots of ways to find information. Great use of graphs helps visualize hosta numbers and trends.

Hosta Helper - devoted to all things associated with the "Queen of the Shade", the Hosta. Thanks to Don Rawson, Past-President of the West Michigan Hosta Society, for creating this site. He gathered a lot of good information to share with other gardeners. A couple of years ago, Don turned the site over to so he can devote more time to his own Hosta Garden.

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